Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Week 2

Well week 2 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge has been super fun. I suppose I define fun slightly different from how you may but we’ll see now won’t we? My definition may be described in one simple word…DEMOLITION!!!!!!!!

If you recall this was our bathroom before we took a sledgehammer to the whole place.


My husband and I took turns ripping the bathroom apart piece by piece.


Drywall came down first.


There’s nothing better than ripping out 40 year old bathroom drywall. Again, maybe this is just me and my crazy DIY lady coming out.


Boy oh boy did we come across heavenly floor when we ripped up the current linoleum. Straight outta the 70’s my friends. Don’t be jealous that you didn’t have this beautiful flooring hiding in the depths of your home.

I mean lets be honest. This is a gem right?! I think I would have picked this same flooring in 1979 had I had the chance.


Next up was the tub. Did I mention we have a cast iron tub. Did I also mention that we had one in our old house that we removed and swore we would NEVER EVER EVER (insert a Taylor Swift song here) remove one again. What’s that saying, never say never? Oh, yes that’s the one.

SO here’s the I’m ready to slay this tub before and then legit 5 minutes later I’m physically exhausted. BUT give a girl some credit. I got a nice big hole started in that bad boy.


I tapped out after this photo and let the husband finish up the job.

And that’s how it’s done! 400 lbs of cast iron in pieces. Now who’s going to come help us take them down the steps and outside?? Any takers?

Other than taking down the insulation to replace it and removing the second layer of flooring, we can mark demo day off our list.

So what’s next you ask? A sneak peak at my Jeffrey Court Tile selections. However, I’m going to make you wait for this one. I cannot wait to show what I’ve chosen!!

Week 2: DEMOLITION!!! —-DONE!!!

Week 3: Get up close and personal with my Jeffrey Court tile selections, fixtures, lighting and more.

Week 4: Hopefully I’ll be installing by this point but if any challenges arise I’ll be sure share all the nitty gritty deets with you all.

Week 5: INSTALL DAY BEGINS!!!!!!!! Tiling, tub install, grouting and lots of blood, sweat and tears. Hopefully less blood and tears than sweat.

Week 6: Reveal day! Everything comes together and is revealed in all its grand glory.

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Amy Geib