Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Week 1


Hellooooooooo friends!!! A lot has been going on lately. One of them being that I officially accepted the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge. What is this you ask? Well let me tell you. It’s a 6 week long friendly challenge between 15 DIY’ers to see how creative we can get with some Jeffrey Court tile. And by friendly, I mean game on!!! To Follow along with all of us click here .

This was the perfect opportunity to tackle our second full bathroom head on. Not only have we been avoiding this space in the house because of the massive rehaul it needed but this is the only space in our house that hadn’t been touched since moving in 8 years ago other than some simple aesthetics like paint and a new shower curtain. Needless to say it was a big old band -aid that needed ripped off! FAST!

Let’s take a peek at this space.


Doesn’t Look too terrible at first glance but what you can’t see is the grime in between the tiles that I cannot seem to clean. The space behind the toilet that never got painted. You know, that spot you can’t reach with a roller or a brush so you just leave it for a later time until you figure out how to get to it. Well 8 years later I still haven’t gone back to fix it! Or how about the Formica counter top which is lifting up on the edge (and has since we moved in). It’s a fun thing to play with when you’re on the toilet…so says my 10 year old.


Notice how there is nowhere to put toilet paper. We just sit the roll on the back of the toilet. One of my bathroom reno wishes it to have a real toilet paper holder. One that attaches to a wall or something. The bathroom renovation fairy will surely bring me one of those. In brushed gold pretty please!


These lovely shadows of where sticky things used to be are permanent shower floor eye sores my friends. Yes, they have been here for who knows how long. I’ve scrubbed them, I’ve used chemicals that require a mask on them and I’ve used power tools. No siree bob, these are not coming off. Hence we need a new tub. That should be fun getting out since it’s cast iron. I like a good challenge. I like a good challenge. Just keep saying that.


We did replace the mirror and the light when we moved in (reminder it was 8 years ago) and everything has worked out just fine but I’m ready for more than white and grey.

Everything is original to the bathroom as we know it. The vanity, the sink, the toilet and the tile are the same and boy am I ready to get my hands dirty.


Here’s a sneak peak at DEMO day! Don’t panic. Just breathe. OK now breathe again. ANNNNNDDD once more!

So here’s the low down on what’s going to happen.


Week 1: You’re seeing it now. The Before photo’s. The good, the bad and the ugly and the Demo begins.

Week 2: Demo continues while I show you my inspiration for the new and improved plan.

Week 3: Get up close and personal with my Jeffrey Court tile selections, fixtures, lighting and more.

Week 4: Hopefully I’ll be installing by this point but if any challenges arise I’ll be sure share all the nitty gritty deets with you all.

Week 5: INSTALL DAY BEGINS!!!!!!!! Tiling, tub install, grouting and lots of blood, sweat and tears. Hopefully less blood and tears than sweat.

Week 6: Reveal day! Everything comes together and is revealed in all its grand glory.

At least I hope it’s how this all turns out. It’s always good to have a rough schedule to go by that way I can scratch it all out and make it all up as I go. Kidding, I’m going to try real hard to follow my plan. Fingers crossed!!!!

Ready, Set…. sledgehammer!!!

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Amy Geib