Meet AMY

I’m Amy Geib, the creator of Always Never Done. My passion is scouring the land for other people's trash and turning what I find into the beautiful art they always wanted to be. I run a blog, an interior design business and a studio where I sell my one-of-a-kind pieces. Follow me as I show you my thrifty yet stylish ways to decorate your life and home.



I’m a mom of three (4 including my dog), a wife to my high school sweetheart (insert aww) and a DIY fanatic (power tools are so addicting!). I get excited about everything that has to do with home design! I love to turn old outdated furniture into statement pieces with a fresh coat of paint and the thrill of designing a room from start to finish is something that never gets old! I thrive on being challenged; blending together different styles, designing a space with a unique layout or restyling a room using client’s existing pieces and small budget. I fully believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful space that they love and getting to have even a little part in that is the most rewarding experience!