DIY Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantries come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Well what if you don’t have one? That’s exactly the predicament we ran into when we built an addition on our house. We removed a wall from our kitchen which held our previous 2 pantries which then left us with no pantry. What is a girl to do.

So this was our previous set up.


But this wall is now gone and goes into our newly built addition which means I have no place to store canned goods, pasta, blenders and gadgets.

But we did have this wall to work with in our kitchen.

So what we did was removed this current piece and moved into another room. removed the TV since we now have one in our newly built family room and now the search was on to find something to work in this space as a pantry.


Then the pantry gods beamed down these bad boys.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What in the world. But just wait. Let’s say we remove the current top, attach them together, paint it all white and put a new top on. YES! That’s what we are going to do.


What do you think now? I literally attached the two pieces together from the inside with wood screws and attached a new top. I painted the whole thing white including the glass for now. At some point, I will probably replace the glass with wood for a more durable door but it’s working out just fine for now!

The point being is that you don’t have to pick out a cookie cutter pantry or build one in somewhere. We didn’t have that option and had to think outside the box. This works perfectly in our space. It looks like fits right in with our decor and yet it’s incredibly purposeful. My favorite combo. Pretty and purposeful!

Amy Geib