Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge- Week 6 Final Reveal!!


Friends!!! Pop the bubbly! We made it to week 6. I don’t know how we did it but here we are. Can I just tell you number one, how excited I am to have this room be done because I ADORE it! Number two, I feel like the tin man. Literally could someone please come over and grease my joints Wizard of Oz style. I’ll let you take a shower in my new bathroom if you do?   

**This post is sponsored by Jeffrey Court but all opinions are my own )

So remember last week when I told you everything was running smoothly. Yeah well that was a big fat joke. Everything was great until the this one little tiny area where you would turn the shower on was leaking oh so slightly. Like barely leaking but still it was super slow drip, almost where if  blinked you would miss it. So we had to special order parts for it which took longer than expected which delayed tiling the shower, which delayed tiling the floor etc. etc. … you see where I’m going with this. It’s always the finish that gets me.  But low and behold, it’s done. Jeremy and I worked straight for 2 days to get this finished and it’s oh so rewarding. 

Low and behold here we go.  Here’s a refresh to what it looked like before. 


He was my inspiration board.


And here’s the final result!!!!


Oh EMMMMMM GEEEE!!!!!! Be still my heart! If you notice we decided not to do a sliding glass door. Why? Because the one I wanted which had to have flat black hardware was $985! I just couldn’t swallow that price and with the money I saved I got to decorate my whole patio:) So instead of the door I decided to a fun shower curtain with a track hung from the ceiling and long links to hold the shower curtain. (I’ll have links to everything at the very end.)

Here’s the vanity that I saved from my own shop. Remember it was Blue before and it had different legs on it. I sanded it down to bone, added hair pin legs and bought a new counter top for it. I ‘ll have a separate post on how I did all of this. I’m too excited to show you the rest of the bathroom.

Can we please take note of the green ceiling! It was a risk and one that I’m glad I took. I am in love with not only the color but the unexpected look of it and instead of just stopping where the ceiling meets the wall we brought about 8″ down into the white wall. Jeremy panicked when he first saw the color in the can but then agreed that it looked wicked awesome!

How fantastic are these champagne gold fixtures and gold saber lights. The mirror is from Walmart! Can you believe it. I was going to do a gold round mirror but then I found this and it was just meant to be!

I am just in love with the Jeffrey Court River Mosaic Tile and hexagonal floor. I also chose to use a brushed gold schluter strip to butt up against my shower tile to finish off the transition. I just love how subtle it is yet what an impact it makes.

So what do you think? Is it a hit or a miss my friends!!!!

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Source list:

Shower Tile : Riverfall Basalt Mosaic Tile

Floor Tile: Statuary Path Porcelain Hexagon Tile

Vanity Mirror: Walmart Industrial Metal Wall Mirror

Plant: HomeGoods

Artwork behind toilet: HomeGoods

Vanity Lights: Kovacs Saber 2 light

Sink Faucet: Delta Champagne Bronze

Shower Curtain : Wayfair Angelia Shower tassel curtain

Ceiling Mount Track system and extenders

Wall Color: Behr Polar White

Ceiling Color: Secluded woods Behr

Hair pin legs for vanity provided by Crates and Pallet

Sink purchased locally at Ironstone Building Materials

Again I would like to thank Jeffrey Court for providing all of the tile for this project. They are an amazing company to work with not only because they are super nice but because they have amazing products.

Amy Geib